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The Cumberland Spaceman photo, solved? (AKA The Solway Firth or Cumbrian Spaceman.)
The Cumberland Spaceman photo, solved? (AKA The Solway Firth or Cumbrian Spaceman.) « previous | index | next »
Justin_Anstey. First posted: 25-07-2001 on the Fortean Times message board. 
I am personally of the opinion that the figure is being viewed from behind. I got this idea from the way the arm on the right appears to bend in relation to the body with the elbow towards the viewer, and how the head sits on the shoulders. And is that not a shoulder blade that is visible on the 'front' and not a pectoral muscle? Has this suggestion been made before? Has anybody returned to that place with a similarly sized child and attempted to recreate the picture?

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It looks like the back of a woman wearing a tight sweater with a scarf round her neck. She also has one of those small feathery hats on the top of her head which were popular late fifties, early sixties, and a french pleat hair style. Realising it is the back of a person makes sense of the arm position.
TW | | June 23, 2010

Hi, I thought your sight was very informative.

I am setting up my own site featuring some content on the whole Spaceman thing.

I also live in the same town as Jim Templeton, my friend knows him well,

I intend to visit the area soon to take some photos.


Dave Armitage
Dave Armitage | | April 26, 2011

The Spaceman looks like a real object, it is shaded the same as the girls face. But what is happening with the angle?
Dan Pertwee | | November 29, 2011

Apparently, this weird spaceman phenomenon inspired a progressive rock band from the 80s...
Thomas Jerome Newton | April 30, 2012