The Cumberland Spaceman photo, solved? (AKA The Solway Firth or Cumbrian Spaceman.)
NilesCalder. Posted: 24-08-2001 on the Fortean Times message board.
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NilesCalder. Posted: 24-08-2001 on the Fortean Times message board. 
"...In fact I think that the 'spaceman' is a person standing with both their feet firmly on the ground... if you look at the top of the hill you'll see that there is a thick hazy dark blue line between the hill and the sky - that's the distant horizon and follows the hill top almost perfectly. It's the girl and the photographer who are at an odd angle! The 'spaceman' is someone wearing a white jacket and a white/cream scarf. The scarf is drapped back over their left shoulder then wrapped left to right around their neck and then drapped over their left breast. They either have short platinum blond hair (in a bobcut?), are wearing a clear plastic hood or a whitish motorcycle helmet (although I think that this option is pushing it slightly). So have I solved it? My first mystery solved? Folks? Niles"
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